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Here are some kool things that catch the youth and the visitors! :-) Enjoy everyone! In this section there is some things varying from Music to some funny things u can find in the internet. If you have something weird, cool or something that Filipinos like e-mail me at then we can work something out :-)

MP3S! a new standard for downloadable music, it can get to CD- Quality Music and the songs only take about 10-12 seconds to download. Here is where u get started for your MP3 needs.   -R o N

M P 3  P L A Y E R S
This T I G H T MP3 player is good! Its now free and it has a 16 band Equalizer and a lot of "skins" and plug-ins! Checkout the website to download it for the newest version.

Sonique - This is anoth T I G H T MP3 player it takes a bit longer to download but its worth it this one has a like 30+ band Equalizer but since its a new software its not really supported that much yet.WindowsMedia.jpg (11593 bytes)

W H E R E  T O  D O W N L O A D   M P 3 S - This place is ok not the best since there not really good bands. I never heard of most of them. Some songs have nice break dancing beats but thats all.

MP3spy - This is where u getm ost of the songs u been looking for its a earch engine so u can find it all here.

Thats all for this moment sorry folks ill add more once i have time but this should start u out with the wonderful MP3 world!